The part of an engine that
translates reciprocating linear
piston motion into rotation.

In other words.

We're the part that makes everything else move.

Go On Down




"The Provo Escapist"
The Story of the
North Shore Successor.
The Commandant
The Whip

Dawn Wentworth

"Flexibility Redefined"
The Story of the Battle
For Organized Chaos.
The Whip
Your New Best Friend

Elizabeth Clyde

"Well Hello There"
The Story of the
IRainbow Connection.
Your New Best Friend
The Bookie

Nate Shields

"Plans Withing Plans"
The Story of the
Snowboard Reports.
The Bookie
The Pixel Whisperer

Barret Biggers

"Old Dependable"
The Story of the
Illegitimate Creativy.
The Pixel Whisperer
Illumination Conjurer

Will Pigg

"And His Axe"
The Story of the
Unbridled Ethusiasm.
Illumination Conjurer

Elise Powers

"Folding Space"
The Story of the
Animated Awesome.
Cyber Savant

Chris Campbell

"Closes His Divs"
The Story of the
Always Making It Work.
Cyber Savant
Keep On Moving


About You Anyway, Pal?

Right now you're looking to turn some heads - get some action in the business
scene. Yeah right you are, you have tried before maybe? Didn't work out well,
or just haven't had the drive to make it happen.
Hell, maybe you just don't know anybody.

We see it all the time.

Tears are flowing right now for you, honestly. So what
can you do about it? We mean like, epic
good-looking brands and kick-ass materials
that make walls fall and the very
mountains crack, Jack.
Of course you do.
Frankly - oh, can we
call you Frank? We might
be able to help you out.

Move Along

But you already
knew that, didn't ya?

Sometimes you have to flush the toilette of "what is adequate" and wipe up the competition in order to succeed.

There's a word for that. Ambition.

Pardon our French, but now enter what the French like to call, "Le Crank".

And "Le Crank"
you shall with

CRANKSHAFT banging out your next awesomeness, whatever that should be. We tend to aspire to super levels of banging here at CS.

Step Up Lightly


Want to land that sales contract?

Get your stuff on the shelf and sell the crap out of it? Money? Power? RULE THE UNIVERSE?!!? MWHAHA!! Whoa, we tend to think conquest-level at Crankshaft. Can't help that Charlie, but that's why you came here, isn't it, Steve?

Got something to say? Then for hell's sake say it. Say it loud. Say it clear. And you better say it well. Oh yeah - AND here’s a tip: Nobody is going to remember what you say.

Unless you look good
while you're saying it.

It’s Called Marketing
For A Reason, Bobby.

Almost Finished

I Have Over 25 Years
CRANKING Experience...

You have no idea how much hard work, perserverence and pixels were smashed in my life to help build epic brands. Heck in my day we didn’t have fancy, shiny computers - we used to arrange our pixels BY HAND. We used to tell the clients that the deep sweet red was drops of our own blood mixing with the spot colors. We shot videos by sketching each frame as we recalled it in our brains. Life was tough, but that was a given.

So Timmy, when I tell you that this team of awesomesaucers is hard core, let me be Frank. I trained them all with a special passion - one that is not to be taken lightly. Yeah they will get your brand looking great, sure they will make your website feel superb, and yes their materials will knock your pants off...but most importantly they all got heart.

You can't teach that, Stevie. Not now, not ever.

Good Work